A Jeweler’s Guide to Lab Grown Diamonds

For those interested in buying a high-quality diamond, the answer might be, “Are lab-grown diamonds available?”. For some time now, people have been debating whether or not lab-grown diamonds are as high quality as diamonds mined by humans. People are torn between the thought that lab-grown diamonds might not be as high quality as diamonds mined by hand and that they cost more. Unfortunately, these two arguments are not always based on fact and have sometimes led to heated arguments on many internet forums and message boards worldwide.


Everyone needs to remember that we are talking about a diamond’s worth as a material item for this discussion. If a diamond is used for something, it can only be taken from the ground, cut into smaller pieces, and then set as jewelry. Therefore, man-made diamond jewelry cannot be called “lab has grown” unless it is also man-made, and then it is technically man-made diamond jewelry. Therefore, we are not talking about the competitive price of lab-grown diamonds, which can be very high indeed. Instead, we are looking at the competitive price of Best Lab Grown Diamonds For Sale as an investment in precious metals.

Even though we are only focusing on the pricing of lab-grown diamonds as a jewelry item, let us still examine the possibility of someone wanting to buy diamond jewelry with a price tag under a couple of hundred dollars and still get a diamond inside the four Cs – Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat weight. That would seem like an incredible bargain! And, it is!

Let us imagine that you want to buy a ring consisting of a fourteen karat gold band and three faceted diamonds. If you were to buy a diamond from the mall or an expensive jeweler, you would probably be disappointed with the quality of the gemstone. Jewelry stores typically have a few diamonds rated a low carat or lower, and if you do not mind paying for something not of good quality, you can settle for that. But, when you shop online for certified diamonds of better quality, you are likely to find one with higher carat weight, a better cut, and fewer inclusions than those that come in lower-quality stones. If you did not know any better, you might think that you found a bargain!

Another advantage of lab-grown diamonds is that because they can increase the level of energy of the diamonds to be even more valuable, the prices have to be even higher than the ones that come from natural resources. It is known that the higher the energy level of a diamond, the higher the cost will be. But, because the diamonds are grown in a laboratory, the chemists have access to how diamonds create that energy, which helps them create them at a much higher quality.

The price range for lab-grown diamonds is between four thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars. The rarer the diamond, the higher the price. However, the 14k white gold is within that price range, and there are some beautiful pieces available for that price. You can find an open heart necklace with a fourteen-yellow gold heart, an engagement ring with a platinum caged heart, and other pieces that are just as valuable.

An important thing to consider when shopping for jewelry like the open heart necklace or an engagement ring with a lab-grown diamond is to be sure that you know what the jeweler is talking about when cutting and polishing the diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are not the same as natural mined diamonds. Naturally mined diamonds are cut to the shape of the rock and then polished to make the stone smooth and shiny. Lab-grown diamonds are grown in the lab where a computer is used to send laser pulses at high speeds through diamond crystals, which will stimulate chemical reactions in the cells of the crystals, causing them to sparkle. The sparkle is organic, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals or man-made pollutants being released into the stone, which can be another problem when buying a less expensive diamond.

The process of growth cell technology used to create the precious stones has been in use since the 1800s, but now the highest and best quality diamonds can be created in this manner. The sparkle is so natural, and it will look like a diamond engagement ring.